Sustainable packaging matters

With a strong focus on sustainable packaging this report demonstrates that consumers in the surveyed regions are already engaging in sustainable habits and value products more when they are packaged in sustainable materials. Let this be a call to action for brands to support consumers, providing more sustainable packaging and clearer sustainable claims including advice on how to recycle their packaging.

Trivium has been a pioneer in expanding the use of infinitely recyclable metal in packaging by offering a range of innovative solutions that help brands enhance packaging sustainability. Trivium solutions are designed and manufactured with a focus on sustainable practices in every phase of the company’s operations.

The dedication to Trivium's sustainability journey is clearly reflected by external benchmarks received over the years. In 2022 Trivium was awarded a Platinum rating for the second year in a row by EcoVadis, which places Trivium in the top 1% of the companies assessed. This however is not the end-game and Trivium will continue to shape the future of packaging to ensure a better planet for everyone - today and for generations to come.

We contain what matters.

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